Friday, August 19, 2005

According to Nature

That is the name of James Leroy Wilson's latest Partial Observer column. There are many good points made in this piece, but the one I'm gonna provide shouldn't really surprise those who actually read my blog:
We hear criticisms of the “free market.” But the free market is not the problem; it doesn’t exist, so how can it be at fault? Much of what is criticized in the market are actually government disbursement of privileges that make it less free in exchange for being more “efficient” for some people. Especially the corporation, a creation of government similar to Frankenstein’s monster. In a free market, there would not be corporations with charters and privileges protected by the government. In a free market, if a company went bankrupt, those who invested in it, would lose their investments and would have to help pay for any liabilities for the company. We do not have that today.

This excerpt, and this column in general, provides a fine example of the type of analysis that is both libertarian and compatible with the concerns of those who lean to the left.

Government intervention in the marketplace is unnatural, it's resulting milieu is unsustainable, and it's ultimately responsible for the harms that lefties are so adept at pointing out while being inept at determining both root causes and appropriate solutions. The non-existant "free market" sure ain't the problem.

The only solutions that'll be effective and ethical are those that involve an enlightened embrace of nature. Wilson reminds us that individuals are free by nature and that the voluntary cooperation that occurs amongst free individuals is a natural course of action. Want to eliminate the Frankenstein's monster known as corporate statism and the destruction it causes? If so, how about turning to nature?

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