Sunday, August 21, 2005

Do the iPod shuffle

The latest post over at los amigos de durutti concludes by pointing out the "iPod wars" that have been going on in the audio blogosphere. As Matt explains it:
Its simple: just hit shuffle, list the first 10 songs that come up, then compare to others' lists to see just how lame or hip your iPod library is (on random).

Now that I actually have an iPod, I'm game. Here's what mine just came up with:

1. Son of Suzy Creamcheese - Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
2. Stone Flower (live) - Santana
3. Buchimish - Yuri Yunakov
4. Colonial Mentality - Fela Kuti
5. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms - Dicky Betts & Vassar Clements
6. After School Special - Jurassic 5
7. Let's Stay Together - Jimmy Smith
8. Confusing Dub - King Tubby
9. Lola & Alice - Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
10. Little Tunnel - Eugene Chadbourne


Blogger DJ durutti said...

Hey Freeman -- hadn't checked in for a few days so just found this post now. Man, your list beats mine!

Here's mine, btw, as you may recall:

Dilruba -- Niyaz (Asian sub-continent electronica)
Another One Bites Da Funk -- Daft Queen (mash-up)
Intensified Festival 68 -- Desmond Dekker
Mango Manque -- Machito & his Orchestra
Stay Another Season -- the Avalanches
Pyramid Song -- Radiohead
Stone -- Cibo Matto
Mood Indigo -- Thelonious Monk
Hallelujah (club mix) -- Happy Mondays
Over Easy -- Booker T. & the MG's

I was more or less pleased with the above list when it came up (although no funk or hip hop, so its not too representative). But yr list came up w/ several awesome/extremely hip selections. (leading off w/ the suzy creamcheese track gives you a ten yard head start!!). But damn, Fela, Euegene F*in' Chadbourne, King Tubby, Jurassic 5 and mr soul jazz 'n' groove his own damn self . . . the incredible Jimmy Smith (doin' an Al Green cover, no less -- ok, i did a good job of reiterating yr list). Point is . . . you won!

p.s. thanks for the shout out btw!

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