Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Dog poop and the poor state of conservatism

I was perusing the "Liberty and Power" group blog on the History News Network site, and noticed a remark made recently by Gus Dizerega (found here ) that is deserving of my applause. He stated that:
"I have less and less sympathy for those who find time to direct most of their intellectual fire at the left, which is out of power completely, while ignoring the Right, which is making a travesty of everything this country stood for that was worthwhile. Rather like shooing off the neighbor's dog for pooping in your lawn while your house burns down."

This is something that has irked me for some time now. While "liberals" and lefties in general are certainly deserving of criticism for many of the things that they advocate, they aren't the ones who are in power right now! I place far more value on criticising the group that is power at the moment, and I think we all know that the Bush administration is not Democratic. Even more annoying is when conservatives accuse fellow conservatives or libertarians of being "liberal" or being in love with the likes of Bill Clinton for doing nothing more than criticizing Bush and company.

I may spend most of my time these days criticizing the Bush administration, but you can be sure that my focus will shift to Kerry if he wins in November. And by the way, I'm sure that all of the conservatives and libertarians spent plenty of time ripping into Clinton throughtout the 90s, but were those who reject any and all Bush criticism paying attention back then? Talk about intellectual laziness.


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