Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Regulatus Infinitum

One of the tasks that I had to do at work yesterday (I work at a University library) was prepare a bunch of items to be sent out and bound. In front of me was literally tens of thousands of pages of federal regulations! These federal regulation code books were chock full of myriad infractions of our liberty and multiple volumns of these books are produced each year for each realm of policy that the government engages in.

While I don't have any interesting things to share concerning what was inside all of these books (since opening them would have made me too ill to perform my job), I did make one odd observation. Two of the books dealt with the topic of "Indians". Why am I not surprised to come across the government engaging in hypocrisy, since you know that they often promote the politically correct label of "Native American"? I use the term "Native American" out of respect to people of that cultural background, but I suppose the government never has to respect anyone, even when they laughably encourage others to do so.

As I stated above, multiple volumns of these voluminous vulgarities are churned out each year by the federal government for each and every subset of our lives that they feel inclined to violate. Each of these books range from a few hundred to over a thousand pages. Factor in the many copies of these books that they need to make for the various libraries and offices that they ship these books too, and you end up with an unfathomable amount of paper that is not only wasted, but perverted with the verbal pus of political pimps and prostitutes.

And people think that the government can be counted on to preserve and protect the environment?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Voluminous vulgarities" -- that's a terrific one, FLC! And nothing can top a fedgov in full bureaucratic splendor spewing 'em ...


9:53 AM  
Blogger saltypig said...

blog is kicking ass, freeman. i have a comment, but first, i'd like to know what this somebody above posing as "Sunni" thinks he or she is doing. i know it's not the real sunni, because sunni would never make comments on a blog other than mine. i just know she wouldn't. so whoever that...

unless... oh god, maybe this is the real one here and i've been getting the fake one! acckkkk.

gordon liddy had an interesting point, and i agree with him on this: "native american" is anybody born in america. i'm a native american. maybe a better term could be found if "american indian" offends american indians. i dunno what it might be though. "victim of US aggression" isn't specific enough.

11:57 AM  
Blogger freeman said...

That's a good point about the term "native american". I've never actually heard of anyone make such an assertion, but it does make sense. Daniel Day Lewis's character in the movie Gangs of New York refers to himself and other non-immigrants as "natives".

And I've never actually encounted anyone who was offended by the term "Indian" or "American Indian", aside from an occasional white liberal/leftie who takes the PC phenomenom a bit too seriously. I just never expected the government to fall into that category.

8:36 PM  

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