Friday, April 01, 2005

April Foolery

Fictional stories meant to fool readers are commonplace every April 1st, and I sure hope that the following story is one such fiction. The story, found here claims that one of my musical heroes, saxophonics wizard Skerik, is teaming up with another sax player for a soon to be released album. The name of this project is called "Gosh, I Miss the 90s", and the other saxophonist is none other than Slick Willie himself, Bill Clinton. The horror! Say it ain't so!

Image Hosted by As badly as this decade has turned out in terms of eroding liberty and bloodshed, I can't say that I miss the 90s. I can't say that I long for the days of Ruby Ridge, the Waco massacre, the strengthening of the drug war, the bombing of Kosovo, and the other atrocities carried out by Slick Dubya (as opposed to the Prick Dubya in the White House now). It sure is troubling to see rulers continue to commit war on people domestically and abroad, and that feeling intensifies when certain people are actually compelled to embrace the days of the previous ruler, which may spill over into such people voting for people who resemble said previous rulers in future elections. Let's not praise a man who previously held office just because he may have been responsible for fewer savage and uncalled for deaths and because you may have at least been employed when he was in charge. Don't ever forget that elephants and jackasses are ultimately on the same team and their objective is to appear benevolent while constantly raping us. Clinton, in many respects, made Bush's agenda possible, and Bush will ultimately help shape the sadistic agenda of his successor, regardless of party affiliation.

Like I said before, elephants and jackasses are ultimately on the same team. A better way to look at it is to envision a coin. The heads side of the coin represents the elephants while the tails side aptly represents the jackasses. Simply being on the flip side of a coin that also represents someone you may despise (Bush) does no good when the coin itself is the ultimate medium of exchange of those who wish to steal your money, lock you and your friends up, and send your children to die in some foreign land. The coin should be tossed into a volcano or bounced into a toilet that's about to be flushed.

Hopefully this story is nothing but an April Fool's joke. All I need now is for Jambase to admit their foolery and remove the story from their webpage. Still waiting...

For some music news that is no April Fool's joke, I'll switch gears and refer to the classic heavy metal outfit known as Anthrax. They are apparently reuniting, and their comeback tour is going to have some educational value to it as well. An excerpt from the article:
At the conclusion of the ANTHRAX Global Press Conference and Luncheon, ANTHRAX will make an important statement regarding the U.S. Government and the Anthrax Vaccine.

ANTHRAX has teamed up with Slave to the Metal™ Foundation ( to bring public awareness to the dangers of the Anthrax Vaccine. The newly legislated “BioShield Act” (July, 2004) allows the Department of Health and Human Services to inject American Citizens with Anthrax Vaccines and other untested and unapproved substances without informed consent, using our military as first line guinea pigs. Experts will be at the conference to discuss this with attendees.

It's nice to know that such upstanding long haired, loud and raucous young members of the community are going to speak out against the clean cut punks in suits who are up to no good!


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