Sunday, July 03, 2005

Drunk on Victory Gin

While doing some blog surfing, I came across a "neolibertarian" blog that had a post from awhile back about support for Bush'ist neofascist warmongering. It begins with a quote from Tim Sandefur:

we [are] not “war supporters.” We are victory supporters.

The idea was to call blogs that go along with this "victory blogs".

And what do victory bloggers drink? Why, Victory Gin, of course!

In addition to celebrating victory, such people will undoubtedly be reminding themselves that war is peace, ignorance is strength, and all that shizz.

Personally, I have a much more realistic view of war. I view war as being the health of the State. Since I loathe the State, why would I support it's health? What would such "victory" really look like? If "victory" is desired and ultimately determined by the State, I don't want to know.


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