Thursday, November 24, 2005

Beware of the Fiendish Diabolical Agents

They may be known as the Food and Drug Administration and claim to have our best interests in mind, but don't fall for such nonsense. These fiendish and diabolical agents of Leviathan are more likely to engage in fraudulent and decieving antics than protect our lives, something that they have no business intervening in anyways. The list of reasons why these parasites are actually a threat to the lives of the hosts they prey on (we, the people) is mammoth, and I'd like to bring attention to just the most recent news to strike my attention.

I've been upset for some time over the fact that people here in the state of Michigan are unable to go to the store and purchase unpasteurized, or raw, milk (some call it real milk). It is also a crime for dairy farmers to sell it on their farms. There are many similar laws in place in most states. People who are aware of the major health benefits associated with drinking raw milk are being denied the opportunity to improve their health and drink a tastier version of milk because the FDA steadfastly insists that it is dangerous to drink.

The people who drink and promote raw milk respond by claiming that such claims are way overblown, that pasteurization destroys many important enzymes and vitamins, kills beneficial bacteria and results in a product with links to many more potential health problems than raw milk, and that drinking raw milk may even help prevent certain diseases due to it's far superior healthful content. This article by Dr. Joseph Mercola is one of many examples of testimonies in favor of raw milk that also cautions people about treated milk.

All of that is not to say that there is no risk involved with drinking raw milk, but it sounds like something I'd like to get my hands on myself. The fact that the FDA condemns it, resulting in draconian laws implemented in most states, is in fact a full out assault on consumer choice and individual liberty. It's no surprise though when you consider the fact that consumer choice and individual liberty are seen as toxic by government parasites who live off of the active suppression of such things. We are getting a raw deal here, and yes, that pun was intended!

Tricia Shore recently went off on such ridiculousness in a LRC column where she not only condemned government intrusion but also spoke out as an individual who should be free to drink the milk she wants to drink. Three days later, I learn from Cat Farmer's post on Sunni Maravillosa's blog that some people are so determined to acquire and consume raw milk that they're willing to go underground and engage in a black market for raw milk. In their minds, taking the tiny risk associated with drinking raw milk in order to enjoy it's taste and nutritional bounty is well worth the risk of potentially being victimized by government thuggery. Kudos to these folks and a big, fat "Fuck You" to anyone who dares stand in their way.

The FDA's stance here also hints at a subject often brought up by yours truly and other libertarians: big government serving the interests of big business. Who benefits from pasteurization laws beside government bureaucrats? Why, the large corporate dairy operations do! These costly measures have already been taken into account by the large operations and don't threaten their bottom line, but they do add another costly burden onto smaller dairy farms. The profit margin also rises as a result of treated milk having a longer shelf life, another consideration that is undoubtedly recognized by industry lobbyists who seek favors from political prostitutes. The government not only benefits from merely growing in size and power, but also from pleasing it's many private sector johns. We, the people, don't mean a damn to them. We are here solely to be put to work, bled dry, and coaxed to vote for various representatives of the ruling class every few years.

Moving on to another food now, many claims have been made over the years about the healthful benefits associated with eating tomatoes. There is one claim, however, that the FDA apparently does not want you to know about. I learned about this via Norman Singleton's post about it at the LRC blog. He links to this story and then informs readers that Ron Paul is thankfully promoting the Health Freedom Protection Act in order to stamp out FDA censorship. Considering the massive corruption of the FDA (which is inevitable) by various private interests, such as the pharmaceutical industry and various corporate food giants, it is no surprise that the FDA seeks to promote certain things while actively suppressing other things. Another example that comes to mind is their campaign against stevia, further showing that their claims are rooted in predatory politics, not science.

Bill Sardi doesn't beat around the bush, and flat out states that "The FDA Kills" in a recent LRC piece. Switching from food to drugs, we learn from Sardi's column about studies showing that glucosamine and chondroitin supplements reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis. Check out the following excerpt:
It’s not just that millions of arthritics endured pain while modern medicine drug its feet over acceptance of these dietary supplements, it’s that the delay actually cost many thousands of people their lives. Oh, arthritis is not life threatening, but the pain relieving drugs arthritics take are. Had modern medicine embraced these safe and natural remedies two decades ago, relatively unsafe drugs like Vioxx, Bextra, and Celebrex, as well as aspirin and ibuprofen, would have never been used so widely.

Dr David Graham, an official at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, independently reported that the use of painkillers known as Cox-2 inhibitors since 1999 resulted in between 89,000 and 139,000 premature deaths from heart attacks or strokes. [Lancet 365(9458):475–81, 2005] Both the COX-2 inhibitor drugs (Vioxx, Celebrex, Bextra) and ibuprofen increase the risk for a mortal heart attack. [British Medical Journal 330:1366, 2005] The heart attacks and strokes emanate from an increased risk for blood clots caused by the COX-2 drugs. [Annals Rheumatic Diseases June 7, 2005]

“Whistleblower” Dr. Graham had to travel outside the country to disclose the mortal risks associated with these drugs. His superiors at the Food & Drug Administration were covering up the problem. What goes unreported is that since the 1980s the FDA was also abrogating its duty to educate the public that safer and more appropriate remedies for osteoarthritis are available – namely glucosamine and chondroitin.

The FDA did more than just approve problematic pain relievers, it promoted them over glucosamine and chondroitin.

The things I've mentioned here represent merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of revealing the corruption, the deception, and the outright thuggery associated with the FDA. It is no wonder that the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey once performed a sly and sinister sounding improvisation that they called "The FDA is Making Our Food Worse Than Drugs". They also referred to the FDA as being "Fucking Drug Addicts". Whether it's "Fucking Drug Addicts", "Fiendish Diabolical Agents", or "Freedom Denying Assholes", the point is that the FDA is a threat to the health of people nationwide and to the health of liberty.

From their September 21, 2002 show in Portland, OR:
MP3: Improv: The FDA is Making Our Food Worse Than Drugs


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