Sunday, August 14, 2005

Journey through the blogosphere

Here's some great posts and other happenings from my most recent journey through the blogosphere.

Image Hosted by Thomas Knapp has made a golden contribution to the blogosphere with the introduction of a webring devoted to the various brands of left-libertarians (Agorists, libertarian Democrats, anti-authoritarian progressives, anarchists, etc.). His brief synopsis of the project can be found here.

Over at Wendy McElroy's blog, co-blogger Brad warns us of the upcoming Microsoft operating system known as Windows Vista. From the looks of it, I'd say that no computer of mine will ever use such bullshit! As Brad put it:
About this time last year, I predicted that there will be two kinds of computer user: the "free" and the "enslaved." Windows Vista is another step along that road. Where do you want to go?

Next up is Vache Folle's recent post titled Political Anabaptism. I may not be Christian and this Anabaptism stuff is new to me, but the tenets that he spells out regarding ways for libertarians to live their lives sounds good to me. Such an approach may not be for everyone, but it should at least get you thinking about the whole notion of change from within that seems more fruitful than the popular quest of trying to change the world.

Karen De Coster has been looking into the work of Raoul Desvernine lately, and it seems as if that research has had some interesting results. Click here to see what she has come across regarding the phraseology and symbols of despotism.

There have been a lot of good posts over at Wally Conger's Out of Step lately dealing with Agorist class theory and it's superiority over Marxist class theory. Before diving into that, he informed readers about a great lecture by Ralph Raico on class theory that is available in mp3 format at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute site. I'd provide a link, but their site appears to be down at the moment (it was that way last weekend too). Bummer.

Anyhoo, Wally's latest post is well worth reading as well, as he provides some thoughts by one Karl (Hess) about another Karl (Marx).

Over at the Mutualist Blog, Kevin Carson revealed to his loyal readers who the real domestic enemy is in the eyes of Leviathan: you (and me)! Be sure to give this post your attention.

Sunni Maravillosa has chimed in once again with more of her insightful suspicions (and personal frustrations) with the modern medical system. An excerpt:
"If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." I don't know if I've got that exactly right, but put that way it fits my thinking about the medical profession these days. A few weeks back, I went to a specialist regarding my breathing problems. She recommended surgery. This despite the fact that my online research showed that other, noninvasive treatment options could be pursued first. Would it surprise anyone here to reveal that her specialty is a surgical one, that she probably thought she'd be doing the surgery on me?

Internists (a general name for MDs who aren't surgeons) follow the same general pattern: they try any number of medications -- typically available only by prescription, thereby ensuring repeat business as one must make appointments at regular intervals to get the valued permission slip again. In some cases, if the nostrums don't work, the person gets passed along to a surgeon to see if cutting will solve the problem. But cutting also creates problems, as I discovered after I had a tonsillectomy.

Image Hosted by Finally, I recently discovered another cool audio blog called los amigos de durutti. If you've ever wanted to sample some of the otherworldly sounds of Sun Ra, check out the most recent post over there.


Blogger Wally Conger said...

Thanks so much for the links, BLL comrade!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for including me in your roundup. I'm trying not to be too focused on all things medical, but it's a challenge for me these days ...

12:10 PM  
Blogger DJ durutti said...

Yo Freeman --

Hey THANKS for the shout out and link!! Very much appreciated, plus it led me to your cool, informative and fun blog. Keep on keepin' on!

11:13 PM  
Blogger DJ durutti said...

p.s. -- just linked you up to los amigos. thanks again.

12:34 AM  

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