Monday, February 06, 2006

funniest. post. ever.

If you've had a rough or depressing week, sit back and prepare for the following. I must thank Strike The Root for linking to a blog post by "The Anti-Communist" titled "George Soros and the Libertarians". Who needs Comedy Central and whoopie cushions when you've got grade A comedic gold coming from the ranks of Mr. I Hate Commie Pinkos?

Here's how it starts:
George Soros' ties to Libertarian "anti-war" groups like are a concern for cause. Soros is merging the ideals of hardline Socialism and Libertarianism which is suppose to be the exact opposite of hardline Socialism into a Libertarian-Socialist.

Ties between Soros and Lew Rockwell? News to me. I don't even recall anything written by Soros ever being published at Lew's site. Despite being opposed to the insane War on Humanity (er... drugs, that is) and critical of USSA foreign policy, what in the world would these two people share any sort of vision on? Now, it may be silly to label any gazillionaire like Soros as being a "hardline Socialist", but he is waaaaay too statist to have any sort of influence upon principled anti-statists. And the idea that Soros actually exerts any sort of influence over any sort of actual libertarian is silly enough to make the commentary over at The Onion seem downright amateurish and pedantic. What's next... Osama bin Laden influencing the Bushevik agenda? (hey, both camps aspire for bloody wishes and despotic dreams)

Later on, this war porn loving comedic genius writes:
This group that I displayed is linked to someone who works for as a columnist. He has regularly made anti-drug war comments in attempt to bash America as the "Great Satan" along with attacking America's position on drugs. Many of these "alternative" groups are also linked to the ACLU another Soros' funded outlet which is tied to There is a clear case that Soros is attempting to influence Libertarian groups into going against the drug war America is waging. Soros is using Libertarian ideologues and turning the ideologues into anti-American ideologues to what Anthony Gregory at and Lew himself have become.
Libertarians were supportive of the Drug War prior to handing their agenda over to George Soros? News to me. I wonder if he's gonna shatter even more of my illusions by informing me that Christians didn't start believing in God until His Holiness began conversing with Dubya and urging him to bomb Baghdad. How ignorant I must be!

Then there's this gem:
Soros is also merging these Libertarian ideologues with other anti-American ideologues that are found on the radical Left which are mostly made up of hardline Socialists and Communists. Thus the term-Libertarian-Socialist.
Wow... what an intellectual specimen this Mr Anyone Who Doesn't Worship Dubya is a Commie guy is! He even invented the catchy term "libertarian-socialist" to define his recent 2 minutes of hate target! I guess people like Pierre-Joseph Proudhon must be a figment of my imagination. And of course I suppose that those people affilated with Lew Rockwell who call themselves "anarcho-capitalists" must be lying through their teeth since they obviously must have posters of Stalin and Castro all over their bedroom walls. (why else would Mr. Commiebusters hate them so?)

One of his concluding remarks was the following:
Libertarian ideologues are so hardline with their beliefs, that they believe anyone who disagrees with their policies is to the Left of them. That type of thinking can lead to exploitation by anti-American ideologues and Communist agents through people like Soros and his associates.
What stunning logic this man has! He's much more than a mere comedian, folks! He must have been an honor roll student back in his state schooling days. (snicker)

Seriously, this has been some of the funniest shit I've read in ages. I left him the following comment on his blog letting him know how much I appreciated his comedic brilliance:
Thanks for the comedic material, Max!

A libertarian who opposes the Drug War? My God! What's next, A Christian who believes in God?

I just shit myself laughing!
Unfortunately, all comments must be approved by Mr. "There are Commies under my bed!" himself, so there's no guarantee that my salute to him will actually be published.

While he may be a comedic genius, he ain't perfect. While he fixates on George Soros, we all know that the real culprit behind the anti-war movement must be Emmanuel Goldstein!


Blogger Ouranosaurus said...

That guy was weird. Did you check out the comments thread? There was maybe one positive comment, then other people slagging him, either from a libertarian or leftist (looked like mostly libs) perspective. And then he just kept posting comments. Over and over and over. On his own blog.

Strange. Can you keep him away from Canada, please? I've described myself as vaguely libertarian-socialist on my own blog.

5:01 PM  

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