Monday, October 25, 2004

Black (and Orange) Sabbath

Many towns across America, especially ones where Christianity has a strong foothold, are apparently upset over the fact that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. There is actually controversy in these towns as to whether or not trick-or-treating should be moved to Saturday. You can read about this here.

Hmmm... I smell hypocrisy! I bet many of these Christians can go on and on condemning Islamic nations for legislating Islamic beliefs, such as mandating women to cover their faces, but fail to see similar actions at work when they attempt to have government meddle with the lives of homosexuals, or meddle with the beloved holiday known as Halloween.

Haven't these people ever heard of the separation of church and state? There are plenty of Americans who don't give a damn about what the Bible says, and this is not a Christian country, contrary to the claims of those who wish to establish a theocratic state here in America.

If you don't like the fact that Halloween, and the hordes of children dressed as ghosts, goblins, demons, and French maids that ensue, happens to fall on the day of Sabbath this year, then don't participate. Millions of Americans don't participate in Christmas, which is a good thing if you happen to enjoy Chinese food. These Christians should take a page from the non-Christian credo for once and just make October 31st just another Sunday, and make it clear to neighbors that kids won't be recieving candy if they knock on your door.


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