Monday, October 18, 2004

Quote & Music of the day -- 10/18/04

Today's quote comes from Lao Tzu:
"Law after law breeds
A multitude of thieves.
Therefore a sensible man says:
If I keep from meddling with people,
they take care of themselves;
If I keep from commanding people,
they behave themselves;
If I keep from preaching at people,
they improve themselves;
If I keep from imposing on people,
they become themselves."

Today's music: Siamese - Ancients of Days
Great musicianship from a band that blows away any previous preconceptions of what drum & bass music is all about, especially considering that this is live d-n-b with instrumentation rather than purely electronics. Drummer Kevin Sawka is truly amazing and his mind boggling drumming is worth the price of the disc alone. I'd love to see him perform in person one day.


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