Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Dog poop revisited

While one can certainly say that statist intervention in the economy or whereever else stinks, I also happen to notice an increasingly foul stench emanating from Atlanta, GA, more specifically from the domain of one Neal Boortz. Bootz is a fine example of one of these conservatives who constantly rails against the left while conveniently ignoring similar faults amongst Republicans. Consider what he had to say about the complaint coming from Democrats concerning the anti-Kerry piece that the Sinclair broadcasting group wishes to air on it's networks. Here is a link. Here is an excerpt:
To state it in the plainest possible terms, the Democrats are asking the Imperial Federal Government to use its monopoly on the use of force to prevent a private corporation from airing programming Democrats don't like. Censorship is the only word that really applies.

If the DNC can prevent these television stations from running this programming, why can't they similarly move to stop talk radio hosts from talking about their trick Poodle?

The left is interested in freedom of speech...until they don't agree with it. At that point, they want to use the power of the Imperial Federal Government to crush any dissenting views.

Hmm... didn't some conservatives also attempt to get the "Imperial Federal Government" involved with certain forms of speech they didn't approve of. What comes to my mind is Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. I'm sure there may be other examples as well. So Mr. Boortz, maybe you should alter your comments a bit. Instead of referring to censorship attempts via the "Imperial Federal Government" to being the domain of "The left", maybe you should include some of your conservative pals as well. I say "conservative" in reference to Boortz's pals since it's an increasingly pathetic joke for him to label himself as a libertarian. He gives principled libertarians who rail aganist government largesse and abuse from all sides a bad name, not to mention those who believe in things like non-aggression and non-interventionism abroad.

You can expect to read more from me concerning Boortz in the future since this guy deserves to be exposed for his hypocrisy and his failure to live up to his self proclaimed title as "libertarian". Anyone can call themselves something, but it doesn't mean that they actually are what they claim. George Costanza can call himself an architect, but that doesn't make it so. I could claim that I'd be a better goaltender than anyone that the St. Louis Blues currently have, despite the fact that I've never even put on a pair of ice skates. I mean, how can a "libertarian" support the PATRIOT Act for crying out loud?!?


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