Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Jonesin' for a Barfbag

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Here we go again...

The Jones Soda Co. has decided to inflict a beverage-based shock & awe by rereleasing Thanksgiving inspired soda pop flavors such as the puke green colored Green Bean Cassarole and the ever appropriate Turkey & Gravy.


Why does Thanksgiving have to be the holiday with the specialty soda pop flavors? What about X-mas? Flavors such as candy cane, ginger bread, or even egg nog don't sound that bad (egg nog already happens to be a beverage, as opposed to mashed potatoes and gravy). Halloween would be great, although you could say that soda pop in itself is like liquid candy. At least they're being somewhat reasonable about it by providing a cranberry flavor as well.

Speaking of cranberry beverages, I had a Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic yesterday that was pleasant to chug down. They shouldn't call it a lambic though since it tasted like a cranberry equivalent of their Cherry Wheat beer, not to mention the fact that real lambic comes in a corked bottle.


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