Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Uzbet there is turmoil in Uzbekistan

A couple of comments about that wild and crazy nation that is Uzbekistan:

The Good(sort of):
Civil Unrest Erupts in Uzbek City
While violent civil unrest is never a good thing, what is inspiring is the sentiment that brought on the anger being expressed. The people are reacting to new restrictions on trade recently enacted by a government that was already quite hostile to trade. This is also yet another example of the Uzbek people showing their anger and distrust toward a rather despotic government.

The Bad:
Speaking of that despotic government, why in the world is this government considered to be an ally by the Bush administration? The government of Uzbeki President Islam Karisov is hostile to fair elections, hostile to a free press, and has been known to torture dissidents (see here and here)
*note: You may want to avoid viewing the 2nd link if you have a weak stomach. Pictures of a dissident after being boiled alive are included and may make you toss your cookies if you ate any.

Why is our government aiding people who boil dissidents alive?!?
This is one of the many reasons why people in the middle east don't believe one word of the spreading freedom and democracy nonsense coming out of Washington.


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