Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Detroit News tells both Bush & Kerry to get lost!

For those of you who are out of the Detroit loop, the Detroit News is the conservative paper in town. The News has never endorsed a Democrat for President, and has endorsed nobody on only two occasions in it's over 100 years of existance. I have to give them mad props for their Sunday editorial which provides their endorsement for the upcoming election -- NOBODY!

It's especially nice to see a mainstream rag that traditionally gushes over Republican politicians to give such a damning critique of the Bush administration, including this surprising nugget:
In shorting the generals, in allowing political concerns to trump military strategy, in assuming too much cooperation from the Iraqi people, Bush allowed Iraq to become a hotbed of terrorism, the very condition he struck to prevent. The messy result has allowed our enemies to portray the United States as a villain, and use our role as a rallying cry for terrorists elsewhere.

I never thought I'd read such an analysis of the Iraq situation in either Detroit daily, not even the Democrat-friendly Free Press.

The Kerry critique is unique as well since it focuses on Kerry's long record of shafting the big 3 automakers. The News obviously places the interests of the auto industry above virtually all other issues, making an endorsement of Kerry, or any other Democrat, completely unacceptable.

It's too bad they didn't mention Badnarik though.


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