Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Quote & Music of the day -- 11/9/04

"Despite the large number of mergers, and the growth in the absolute size of many corporations, the dominant tendency in the American economy at the beginning of [the twentieth] century was toward growing competition. Competition was unacceptable to many key business and financial interests, and the merger movement was, to a large extent, a reflection of voluntary, unsuccessful business efforts to bring irresistible competitive trends under control. Although profit was always a consideration, rationalization of the market was frequently a necessary prerequisite for maintaining long-term profits. As new competitors sprang up, and as economic power was diffused throughout an expanding nation, it became apparent to many important businessmen that only the national government could 'rationalize' the economy. Although specific conditions varied from industry to industry, internal problems that could be solved only by political means were the common denominator in those industries whose leaders advocated greater federal regulation. Ironically, contrary to the consensus of historians, it was not the existence of monopoly that caused the federal government to intervene in the economy, but the lack of it." -- Gabriel Kolko

Jurassic 5 - Power In Numbers
A great sophomore effort by these LA-based hip-hoppers. Intelligent and uber-smooth rhymes by great MCs such as Chali 2na backed up by tasty dj work by Cut Chemist and Nu Mark. These guys are all about rejuvenating the old school hip hop sound with plenty of retro sounds thrown in the background; definitely preferrable to much of the mainstream garbage that permeates the hip-hop world these days.

Highlights of this album include "A Day at the Races", a fast paced tune that easily places J5 on a pedestal over all others in terms of lyrical proficiency, and "Acetate Prophets", an instrumental piece where Cut Chemist and Nu Mark blend exotic middle eastern sounds with tasty beats to produce a memorable finished product.

"One of Them" is also a great song that exposes the group members hostility toward the gangster and "bling bling" rappers who are largely phonies who pollute the minds of the youth.


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