Sunday, February 06, 2005

Quote & Music of the day -- 2/6/05

When I decided to write these type of posts, I planned on writing them on an almost daily basis. Well, since this is only the third such post this year, I guess I fell short on that one. There are plenty of notable quotations out there to share on a daily basis, but my music listening habits don't always allow for daily diversity since I'll often listen to something in particular for days at a time. I've been listening to a lot of Bulgarian wedding music lately, but I'll hold off from blogging about that 'til tomorrow. I took a break from the likes of Ivo Papasov today and listened to a great album that popped into my head when I realized that this was Stupor Bowl Sunday. Before I get into that, here's today's quote:

"I favor liberty and free markets, and their child prosperity. I oppose capitalism and socialism, and their bizarre hybrid, fascism." -- Grant Gould


The self-titled debut from this LA-based group is definitely my favorite album of theirs. Perhaps the most mainstream pop-oriented group I listen to these days, Ozomatli successfully blends salsa and Afro-Cuban elements with rock, pop, and hip hop. Their songs vary between largely Latin based numbers with Spanish lyrics and eclectic hip hop numbers with raps, in English, by the supremely talented Chali 2na of Jurassic 5. DJ Cut Chemist, also of Jurassic 5, provides his world-class turntabling skills to a group already immersed with talent.

My two favorite songs on the album are "Super Bowl Sundae" and "Coming War". "Super Bowl Sundae" shows off the eclectic nature of this group quite well, beginning with some exotic Indian instumentation before getting into a funky hip hop groove. Chali 2na's smooth and intelligent rapping flows well throughout, providing much to savor in this song and also "Coming War". The lyrics for "Coming War" should be of interest to freedom advocates, with the exception of the line that promotes the idea of free health care.


Blogger Isis said...

Bring on the Bulgarian wedding music!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Kevin Carson said...

Somehow I missed that Grant Gould comment on the Sciabarra thread. Outstanding! He must be channelling R.A. Wilson.

5:17 PM  

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