Thursday, July 07, 2005

Barbaric projection

To kick things off here, I wish to send my condolences to those who were affected by the terrible tragedy that recently occured in London. Innocent people simply do not deserve to be expendable pawns for those who wish to continue the maniacal game known as politics. Whether it's innocent British people riding the Underground to work or innocent Iraqis simply trying to stay alive amidst the madness of a chaotic environment created by foreign occupation, the fact that such tragedies occur to everyday people like this shows just how sick the state of humanity is thanks to the continued reign of terror, both statist and non-statist.

What really got on my nerves earlier in the day was that Tony Blair referred to the attacks as being barbaric. While briefly walking past a television tuned into a news report on the matter, I believe I heard that Condoleeza Rice also used that term to describe the event. While there's no doubt that the bombings were indeed barbaric, I find it rather hypocritical for state terrorists such as Blair and Rice to condemn the perpetrators as being barbaric.

What about the bombing of innocent Iraqis?
What about the invasion and occupation of foreign lands whose people did nothing to deserve such a fate?
What about the ever present use of violence (or the threat of violence) to force your agenda onto unwilling others?
What about being high ranking members of institutions that could accurately be described as being agents of organized crime with an illusion of legitimacy?

Aren't all of those things barbaric? I sure do think so.
Can you say projection?

Speaking of barbaric, it was utterly appalling for me to read some of the things spewed by American (well, I guess they may not have all been American) brownshirts today after the bombings occured. While I didn't actually peruse the sites of neofascists and their ilk, Drizzten did. If you want to check these comments out for yourself, here's a link to his post.

The main theme of these comments boils down to this: If there were no Muslims, there would be no evil, so why don't we just kill them all. It seems as if these people are just waiting for some sort of "final solution" to be implemented. Are we actually on the cusp of a modern day Kristallnacht? I sure as hell hope not.

Finally, to those who may be puzzled as to why I think people such as Blair and Rice are hypocritical and resorting to projection, and why I referred to both statist and non-statist brands of terror in the opening paragraph, I suggest reading Butler Shaffer's insightful essay titled What Is Terrorism?. Terrorism isn't just committed by people outside of government, no matter what the various nation-states of the world and their associated lap-dog media sources tell you. As Shaffer put it:
I have long been in favor of ending terrorism in the world, long before it became fashionable to war against only certain factions of it. But let us be more inclusive as to its sources. Let us put an end to terrorism, not with the use of bombs, tanks, nuclear weapons, and secret military trials, but by withdrawing our support from that which makes terrorism not only possible, but necessary: political systems. Let us expand the front lines to include not simply the terrorist practices disapproved of by states, but the far more destructive, deadly, and dehumanizing practices of statism itself.


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