Monday, September 19, 2005

Targeting violence with violence

Brad Spangler has written a thorough post condemning recent legislation in California that restricts the sale of video games deemed violent by government stooges. Here's an excerpt that seems to sum up the situation quite nicely:
There’s no moral crusade going on here except in the minds of the gullible. It’s ironic as hell that games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are part of this controversy, because what really seems to be going on is that the gaming industry is getting a nine shoved up their left nostril and being told: “Yo! This is a jack, bitch!”

It's even worse here in Michigan, as store managers now face fines AND jail time for selling such games to minors.

This is just flat out ridiculous and represents yet another reason why politicians should walk the plank and get the hell out of our lives. I played some video games as a child that could be considered violent, but I've grown up to become a nice guy who is a principled non-agressor. Not everyone winds up like me, but those who don't would have developed their potentially violent tendencies with or without video games.

Aside from critiquing the legislation itself, Brad also cites sources that debunk the common claims concerning a so-called epidemic of youth violence, along with the link between video games and violence.

Image Hosted by I haven't played any video games in eons, but I do recall wasting plenty of time with them when I was younger. Aside from this recent news, this Fox Sports article has also reminded me of my time playing vids. The article proclaims that the greatest sports video game of all time is NHL '94 for Sega Genesis. I remember that game fondly since it's my favorite sports game of all time as well. It was always fun to have the Detroit Red Wings skate up and down the rest of the league in route to the Stanley Cup. Since hockey games these days contain fighting, I wonder if current games will be subject to the state's meddling?


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I loved that ESPN article -- truly sad to see the Class of NHL '94 retiring or otherwise running out of gas in the tank...

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