Monday, October 24, 2005

A couple of announcements

First off, I thought I'd let readers know that I'll be writing a thorough music related post sometime this week (probably Friday). In fact, I'll have a new music post every week for the next three. This week, I'll be writing about the new Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey album. The following two weeks will feature posts about some good hip-hop I've been listening to lately and an extraordinary drummer named Kevin Sawka and some of his projects.

Second, I thought I'd pass along news of Claire Wolfe's holiday book offer. Now is the time to order one of her great books if you'd like an autographed copy! I was apparently the first person to place an order since the offer began when I placed my order for her new book titled How to Kill the Job Culture Before It Kills You. Some good reviews of this much anticipated book have been written by Wally Conger, Sunni Maravillosa, Jorge, and B.W. Richardson among others that I must not be aware of yet.


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