Monday, October 03, 2005

A fox in charge of protecting every henhouse

Debra, one of the contributors to Claire Wolfe's blog, recently pointed out how the USDA has been both covering up cases of Mad Cow disease and forbidding private companies from engaging in their own Mad Cow tests. None of this is surprising to me in the least. Here's some of Debra's analysis after revealing the details of all this:
The point is that the federal government is calculatingly, consciously, willfully ensuring that consumers who are concerned about Mad Cow have absolutely no accurate data with which to make their purchasing decisions. This is no different than the government disarming you while cooing, "That's okay, we'll protect you." And then either leaving you to get mugged, or mugging you themselves. (Kinda like New Orleans, now that I think about it).

Indeed. The government should never be put in charge of anything important, such as safeguarding food from various threats. Corruption and ineptitude are amongst the unpleasant and inevitable results of such idiocy.

Many of the people concerned about Mad Cow disease are also concerned about other food related issues, some of whom happen to be consumers of organic foods. These people have unfortunately allowed the fox (government) to guard the henhouse (organic food) on yet another issue. I knew that government organic standards would be hijacked and watered down sooner or later; indeed, it's inevitable that such a thing will occur. Thus, I am once again not surprised one bit to find a sneak attack against organic standards to be in the works as we speak.

Private certification agencies were doing just fine safeguarding the integrity of the organic food movement. Now the fox is in charge, those tasty free range eggs that organic consumers enjoy are in danger of being consumed by corporate interests. Am I upset about it? Yep, but I'm not just upset at the government like so many organic consumers and lefties are right now. I also realize that those who supported government intervention in the first place are the root cause of whatever ends up threatening the integrity of organic foods in the future. Organic foods should have been kept as far away from the government as possible.


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