Saturday, March 04, 2006

scumbags: bill o'reilly & the DEA

This post is all about scumbags. Perusing the blogosphere today has led me to read about two particular incidents that warrant further exposure for the sake of revealing some of the scumbaggery prevalent in the world today. Maybe this will be the first of a series of occasional posts pointing such lowlifes out, or maybe not.

Teevee Scumbag: Bill O'Reilly
Image Hosted by I don't watch much teevee, but I have been subjected to bits of his show here and there. It didn't take long for me to view the man as being a pompous, small-minded bully who likely hasn't changed since the days of his youth where he probably engaged in activities such as stealing lunch money from kid A in order to pay off kid B in an attempt to get kid B to go and beat up kid C for saying something funny (and likely true) that hurt poor wittle O'Reilly and his Montana-sized ego.

I've heard about his on-air bullying. I've heard about his supposed sexual harassment. Now, I read a Hammer of Truth blog post titled "Bill O'Reilly: Worst Person in the World" about his recent engagement in scumbaggery. Starting a petition to get Keith Olbermann fired for criticizing him and threatening a caller who dared to mention Olbermann's name. What a fucking scumbag!

Gang of Scumbags: The DEA
I'm inclined to think of anyone involved in waging the drug war as being a scumbag by default. Matthew Bryan recently wrote about some particular scumbags working for the DEA who are particularly deserving of the scumbag moniker. Read Matthew's post to learn why, and don't forget to click on the G-bomb links he provides to teach those thuggish scumbags of the State a lesson.

For daily reminders of why the drug war is waged by scumbags, check out the great site maintained by Pete Guither called Drug War Rant and pay a visit to the Vigil for Lost Promise.


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