Friday, December 03, 2004

Some Respect for Canada

Despite the many faults of the Canadian government, I have much love for our neighbors to the north. (what's weird about that comment is that I grew up in a part of metro Detroit that was about 25 miles north of Windsor, Ontario, meaning that we had to drive south to get there!)

Jay Jardine, at his blog called The Freeway to Serfdom, provides one of the many reasons why I appreciate the maple leaf country by recently lamenting the continuing drought that hockey fans are enduring. Aside from college football, hockey is really the only sport that I get passionate about from a spectator standpoint, and I too can't wait to see this lockout BS come to an end. Jardine provides some good news though by providing a link from TSN about meetings either taking place or scheduled to take place next week. Let's keep our fingers crossed, eh?

Jardine has also provided us with a cool pic from a protest taking place up there recently. While he was referring to anti-war protests, this pic shows that some Canadians have other gripes on their mind...
Image Hosted by 
<br /> While speaking out against war is certainly important, we can't lose sight of other important issues in our lives, such as beer. I just hope that this guy isn't looking for the government to start a system of beer rationing modeled after their health care system.

In case some of you have yet to see any of the funny, but phony, CNN articles being posted online, here's your chance to see a new one. This recent parody of the mainstream disinformation outlet pokes fun at Bush's visit to Canada by providing a story that I wish were true. Click here to read the wonderful spoof story. Here are a couple of choice pics that they provide to go along with the story: Image Hosted by 
<br />
Image Hosted by

Finally, the current front page column on the web zine Liberty For All provides some perspective from Canada on issues of liberty. While I think author Steve Kubby may be making Canada's political scene look better than it really is, he nonetheless provides some interesting tidbits and shows how Canada is more pro-liberty than the US on at least some things, like medical marijuana for example.


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