Thursday, February 10, 2005

Quote & Music of the day -- 2/10/05

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Jimmy Smith - Root Down

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This is a great live album by the man who turned the Hammond B3 organ into a downright sexy instrument within the world of jazz. It is saddening for me to note that Jimmy Smith died yesterday at the age of 79. From Yahoo News:
Born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on Dec. 8, 1925, Smith ruled the Hammond B-3 in the 1950s and 1960s and blended jazz, blues, R&B, bebop and even gospel into an exciting stew that came to known as "soul jazz" -- an idiom that produced imitators, followers and fans.

"Anyone who plays the organ is a direct descendant of Jimmy Smith. It's like Adam and Eve -- you always remind someone of Jimmy Smith," jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco said in an interview with Reuters last year.

For the many Beastie Boys fans out there who don't know who Jimmy Smith is: you should! The Beastie Boys tune "Root Down" was not only inspired by Jimmy Smith, but the song features heavy sampling of Smith's original number that is the namesake of this live album. Check this album out to become more familiar with the Beasties' roots, not to mention the roots of much great contemporary music that is filled with soul.


Anonymous Taxi Driver said...

Jimmy's music will continue to entertain and get us going.
May he rest in piece.

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