Monday, February 21, 2005

Recommended Reads

I've got two super hot links here that I recommend, one is for an article and the other is for a brand spankin' new site.

Over at LRC today, you'll find a new Paul Craig Roberts article: "Bush Outfoxed By Bin Laden". Roberts has written a number of good articles lately that are critical of Bush, his neoconservative cabal, and the mainstream media. This newest entry touches up on the recent statements from CIA director Porter Goss about the dangers surrounding the current course of action in Iraq, and how the Busheviks are actually aiding Bin Laden's cause.

The new site that I want to let everyone know about is Sunni's Salon. A collaborative effort between freedom lovers Sunni Maravillosa and Tom Ender, Sunni's Salon will feature columns on cultural topics like books and music with an emphasis on individualism and freedom. While the first column isn't slated for release until March, there are a number of links of interest to check out. In the meantime, Sunni's blog is always a good read, as are the many articles published on Endervidualism (Tom's site).


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