Saturday, February 26, 2005

Speaking Blogolese

Lew Rockwell passed along a link to a glossary of blog terminology on his blog today.

It was interesting to see some of the odd terms to come about in recent years with the explosion of the blogosphere. This glossary informed me that a bout of blogstipation is a good way of explaining why I haven't posted anything in the past few days. I also became aware of the term kittyblogger, which made me decide to become one myself. To make it official, here is a pic of the fellow critter who lives in my abode:

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His name is Luther, and he is also a libertarian critter. His favorite libertarian writer happens to be Cat Farmer, and he encourages you readers to read one of her ravishing essays this weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freeman, I do believe that's the prettiest plug I've ever gotten. :) Please tell Luther he's got a new fan too, although my #1 libertarian feline critter Indy retains his seniority... it's always a pleasure to encounter fellow libertarian critters, feline or otherwise. Silence seems to have got the better of my tongue lately, but I still have an ear to hear and that's half the battle...



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