Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I'm generally not a fan of the myriad online quizzes out there that people take. I know that they're meant to be more entertaining than serious, but I just don't like many of the questions asked and the way that the answers to those questions are interpreted in order to lump the quiz taker into a certain category. Lemuel of This Blog Will Be Deleted By Tomorrow recently linked to one of these quizzes and provided his results. I actually decided to take this one, which is about gender differences, and here are the results:

Your Brain is 46.67% Female, 53.33% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

However flawed this quiz may be, I'm not surprised by the results. Not only do I acknowledge my feminine side, but I appreciate it and I certainly don't suppress it. That doesn't mean that I'm, to borrow a silly term from the Governator, some sort of "girly man", since I'm also quite masculine in many areas, and the quiz correctly points that I'm still more masculine than feminine. As the results state, I have a "healthy mix", or a balance as I like to call it, between male and female traits.

This notion of balance is something that keeps popping up in my life, and it's something that I appreciate and am fond of. It makes me think of the Eastern concept of yin and yang and how one should seek some sort of balance in their lives, one that is of course reflective of personal idiosyncrasies.

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There are at least two other examples of balance that relate to me aside from the one that the quiz pointed out. The first is that while I may not be truly ambidextrous, I'm not as laterally inclined as most people. I write with my right hand, and I also happen to be a rightie in regards to swinging a baseball bat or holding a hockey stick. In contrast, I throw a football and shoot hoops with my left hand, my power kick is with my left foot, and if I were boxer I'd be a southpaw. My catching abilities are about the same with each hand, at least as far as catching a football is concerned (I never really played baseball as a child).

The other example of balance involves political beliefs. I hold certain beliefs that a common observer might label as "left wing" and some that would be labeled by the same person as "right wing", which is typical of all libertarians. I do not think of myself as being right or left when it comes to politics; I instead like to say that I transcend such a dichotomy.

I also consider the left/right dichotomy within politics to be a largely false one anyways. A much more distinctive and important dichotomy is the one between liberty and tyranny. Libertarians are often accused of being utopian dreamers who wish to create some sort of perfect society, and I couldn't disagree more with that accusation. Rather than trying to rid the world of evil and create perfection, I see freedom lovers such as myself as trying to bring balance to the world. Eastern philosophy is abundant within the Star Wars movies, and the notion of confronting the dark side of the force also comes to mind here.

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Libertarians realize that government is a tool of the dark side, and thus seek to attain balance by minimizing the power and influence of government. Doing so won't eliminate evil, but it will restore harmony to human existance, which is what balance is all about. Moving towards a genuine free market may also result in bringing into balance the yin of competitiveness and the yang of cooperation amongst individuals and communities, which is a bonus for sure.


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