Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lazlo's paperfolding art

Image Hosted by My good friend who goes by the name of Lazlo has a new blog up and running focusing on his paperfolding eye candy. The one shown in the picture here (click to enlarge) is one of his originals. The site so far just displays some of his finer work, although his goal is to generate some discussion on origami and other forms of paper art in the future, and perhaps post some diagramming for his projects.

For anyone interesting in dabbling with such a thing, his blog is part of an origami art ring that should have sites listed that provide resources for beginners as well as other galleries. The links to the origami art ring are located on the bottom of his page.



Anonymous Morning Dew said...

Nice site you got going on here Critter. Thanks for posting it into your sig and sharing it with the board. I look forward to reading more.


9:28 PM  

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