Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Neocons embrace the dark side

Yes, another Star Wars-related post. Cool, huh?

First off, mp3s of Scott Horton's Star Wars themed radio show are now available here. Scott talks about Star Wars for a full hour before getting into his interview with Mark Thornton, the Mises scholar responsible for this great column about the dark side.

Speaking of the dark side, guess who embrace it? Necons do! This came to my attention thanks to this Liberty and Power post, which links to and discusses an article by a neocon who actually apologizes for the Empire while referring to the Jedi rebels as being "anarchic royals" who dare to challenge the glorious Empire. Jonathan V. Last, the war hawk who wrote the column, even referred to Pinochet as being "benign" when trying to figure out what type of delightul real life dictator most closely resembles Emperor Palpatine. Never mind the gross militarism, the murders and tortures, and everything else that took place under Pinochet's rule, according to the necons who yearn to make Darth Vader and company proud. I suppose Pincohet may be viewed as being beign compared to someone like Stalin, but then again, the same could be said for Saddam Hussein.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us In the comments section, Anthony Gregory made this comment which really makes sense when you think about all 6 chapters of the Star Wars saga:
They don't understand that, from the beginning, this was a story of how a republic degraded into an empire, all because the bad guys were playing people against each other and manipulating public fear to militarize society.
Then again, the neocons seek nothing wrong with such a scenario, do they?

At least some of the neocons are being more and more honest about their lust for empire and their infatuation with fascism (and fascists like Pinochet). Heck, even Condi Rice feels right at home with the dark side. It complements her fashion sense quite nicely.


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