Thursday, May 05, 2005

Not just any ol' Cinco de Mayo

In case you haven't noticed, today is Cinco de Mayo (May 5th). What's significant about this particular edition of Cinco de Mayo can be seen by looking at the full numerical date for today: 05/05/05.

Talk about funky! Is it just a random funkiness associated with the Gregorian calendar that we use, or is it the work of the "law of fives"? Brad Spangler humorously seems to suggest that it's the latter.

In celebration of this event, I think I'll have me a few of these tonight...
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Anonymous Brad Spangler said...


11:39 PM  
Anonymous Sunni said...

[Snake thwacks head] How could I have forgotten Cinco de Mayo?! Arrrgh!!! I'd much prefer to hoist a Sol than a Corona, though ...

10:44 AM  

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