Wednesday, May 04, 2005

CAFTA = Can't Allow Free Trade Agreement

Over at the Liberty and Power blog, Sheldon Richman had this to say about a War Street Journal piece on CAFTA:
According to today’s Wall Street Journal, the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) would not open up the U.S. sugar market, which has long been laden with protectionist quotas, forcing U.S. residents to pay more than the rest of the world. The Journal also reports that Central American clothing makers would have to use American, not the cheaper Asian, textiles if they wish to sell here freely. That’s what passes for free trade today.

As with NAFTA, FTAA, and other agreements, CAFTA has nothing to do with genuine free trade and is in fact perpetuating a fraud. This post gives me a chance to post a link to Sean Gabb's recent comments about this fraud and the ugly alternative known as fair trade. Gabb finished his speech by saying that "Fair trade can never be fair. But free trade can be free." I would add to that the thought that free trade can also be fair, or at least provide an environment that'll be most likely to produce fairness in exchange.


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