Saturday, July 16, 2005

Republicans are commie pinkos!

Heh... considering how often I've heard the term "commie pinko" used over the years by Republican supporters to describe basically anyone who disagrees with them, I just had to use that term to describe them for once. I'm sure that many readers have already heard at some point about the Trotskyite origins of today's neoconservative movement, the one that is also mimicked by certain "libertarians" (notice the quotation marks). Here are a few recent tid-bits on the general subject that I've come across the past couple of days.

Gus diZerega's recent remark over at Liberty and Power:
Reading many of the Republican comments on the Rove/Plame issue reminds me of the reaction of American Communists after learning of the pact Stalin signed with Hitler. The Communists went from lock step denunciations of the Nazis to lock step praise of them as peace loving. (They changed again when Hitler doublecrossed Stalin.)

We see the same kind of dishonest behavior from people having the temerity to call themselves 'conservatives" though all they seem to want to conserve is their own power. They went from universal condemnation of the leaker to universal condemnation of those the leaker attacked, and the ONLY change in the known facts of the matter was who the leaker likely was. The similarities between the two are amazing. Nothing more completely exposes the vacuousness of their babble about patriotism and values.

Today's Republican operatives and allies offer a good study of the totalitarian mentality trying to take over a democracy. If dead communists reincarnated, they must have done so as members of the GOP.

That last sentence in particular deserves attention.

Upon checking out the Lew Rockwell blog recently and reading the various posts from the past few days, two things have come to my attention:

1. Joseph Sobran's recent astute quote: "American propaganda is starting to resemble the old Soviet variety, with its Orwellian blather of 'liberation' and 'democracy' to cover acts of horrifying violence."

2. If you mention in the presence of Republicans that the USSA military is socialist in nature, they'll immediately break out into a petulant frenzy. That's right, they're petulant, and they're having a frenzy!

So, while they're most certainly steadfast on remaining in the closet, there is growing evidence that today's Republicans are indeed... commie pinkos!


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But all government is some form of
socialism, isn't it. As long as it
taxes, it redistributes wealth.

What does the current ruling party

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