Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Computer slavery, brought to you by Micro$oft

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I posted a link to this post by Brad (contributor at Wendy McElroy's blog) back in August. It describes how the upcoming Microsoft Vista operating system may tinker with your computer and prevent you from doing certain things, such as using copywrited material in ways that they don't approve of. That in itself is evil, but there's more. Here's a link to Brad's most recent post about Vista, which reveals that it will include encrypted file systems to prevent other operating systems from reading it's files.

If you wish to be able to use your own computer how you see fit without any interference, then steer clear of this new virtual prison by Micro$oft when it comes out. I'm using XP at the moment, but will be switching to Linux soon, and no computer of mine will carry any other M$ operating system.

There will likely be more revelations about Vista in the future, so stay tuned to Brad's posts over at the McBlog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What on earth do you expect from Microsoft by now? I mean, come on! Between Bill Gates and Scott McNealy at Sun, plus the CEO of Oracle, you'd think people would be used to ideas like this by now.

If, however, you do not like the idea of a company or goobermint telling you what you can do with your computer, for how long, etc, etc, etc, then www.distrowatch.com is your friend, m'kay?

5:29 PM  

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