Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Quote & Music of the day -- 11/16/04

"A dragon in a dress is still a dragon, and a State with the power to impose ideology is simply a Church operating under a military alias." -- Cat Farmer

Ravi Shankar - Improvisations

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A great album by India's legendary musician. Western sounds are mixed in with much of the work here, including contributions by jazzers like Bud Shank (flute) and Gary Peacock (bass). While tracks 4 through 6 feature a traditional raga, the first 3 numbers are the improvisations, and are also my favorite pieces on the album.

Improvisations is part of a series of re-releases of Shankar's albums brought to us by the Angel label. It's great to see such treasures remastered and brought to us with such beautiful graphic design work.


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