Saturday, March 12, 2005

Werd up -- Gizoogle that!

From the humorous and bizarre department comes this new alteration of what is most likely the most popular search engine on the interweb: Gizoogle.

It looks like Google, it works somewhat like Google (although only one search page comes up), but with a twist that'll make ya wanna holla! Upon trying it out by doing a search for myself, the first entry that came up was of course a link to my blog: freeman, libertizzle critta. It doesn't seem to be real consistent though, since I also saw my bliznog name come up as "freeman, libertizzle playa", "freeman, libertizzle brotha", and "freeman, libertizzle critta dogg".

And then there are the results that just make no sense whatsoever. Upon doing a search for my friend Sunni Maravillosa, the first entry had this description for her website/blog:
Hizzle page fo` Sunni Maravillizzles web site n bliznog, mackin' freedom, libertarizzle indivizzle n mizzuch mizzle fo my bling bling. ...

And wit T-H-to-tha-izzat, I bid farewell fo` now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, watch it with that bling bling talk! ;-)


10:08 AM  

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