Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Beware of the klep

A recent column by Fred Foldvary sheds light on the disease that is plaguing humanity. A disease with symptoms such as "poverty, unemployment, congestion, and pollution", and is a sharp 180 degree turn from hypochondria since afflicted individuals don't even know that they're ill. The source of this disease seems to be the political class, and it has since spread outside of privledged quarters since quarantine efforts are non-existant. The average individual who comes into contact with this contagion winds up suffering weight loss of the wallet and is left with fewer means to optimize their health and overall well-being.

So what is this malady that is menacing mankind with it's malevolent makeup? It is the klep.

Dr. Foldvary offers the following advice for treating this ailment:
What is needed is for folks to learn basic universal ethics. They would then be cured of the klep, and they would stop supporting roundabout theft. We would then enjoy true peace, social harmony, and prosperous enterprise.
It's too bad that the klep is a disease that leaves people oblivious to their condition because people don't seek cures to diseases that they don't even know they have. Fortunately for the future of mankind, freedom lovers such as Dr. Foldvary exist to educate people of this epidemic so that it's spread can eventually come to a halt.


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