Wednesday, December 14, 2005

State sanctioned murder

I've refrained from writing about the news concerning Tookie Williams, although it's not because I haven't thought about it.

For the record, I do not support capital punishment at all. The term "capital punishment" is a euphemistic cover for what it truly is: State sanctioned murder. Not only is it an act of murder carried out by the State, but it's support amounts to a deification of State agents, which is both disgusting and dangerous.

Rad Geek has done a far better job than I could describing the essence of this situation. Please give it a read.

He also provides a link at the end that points to yet another potential murder on the horizon, and one that is even more of an outrage than the one that took place yesterday morning. The link goes to Radley Balko's account of Cory Maye's plight. If I were in Cory's shoes, I would have done the same thing. Then again, I'm not a black man living in Prentiss, Mississippi, although that shouldn't matter. This story is truly appalling.

The blood lust of Leviathan grows...

*UPDATE: If you wish to keep up to date with infromation and commentary concerning Cory Maye, here are two links to check out. The first is, a site devoted to the story. The second is a comprehensive tracking of blog posts and other references to the story being carried out by Battlepanda.


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