Friday, April 14, 2006

scumbags: john mccain & the usda

Time for another post acknowledging various scumbags within our midst. Like last time, an individual and a gang of thuggish individuals comprise the examples of scumbaggery for this installment.

*White Amerikan Thief & Scumbag: John McCain
The USSA government has engaged in various forms of violent oppression against Native Americans (or American Indians, or whatever one wishes to call them) over the past 200+ years. Upon reading a standard issue government history text, one gets the idea that such things are essentially a thing of the past. Such an idea needs to be tossed aside in favor of the truth, with scumbag John McCain attempting to continue the long tradtion of stealing and general bullying of Native Americans.

This Hammer of Truth post by Stuart Richards reveals McCain's plan. Richards provides the following quote from this link:
Navajo and Hopi families residing on Big Mountain and the surrounding area of the Black Mesa in northern Arizona may be forced to relocate as a new senate bill, S1003 “The Navajo Hopi Land Settlement Act Amendments of 2005,” goes before Congress. If passed, the bill will permanently displace the Navajo and Hopi, and, according to a press release by the Black Mesa Indigenous Support organization, “relieve the federal government of any further responsibility for the relocated people.” Sponsored by Senator John McCain, S1003 was initiated at nearly the same time as Peabody Coal, the world’s largest coal company, expressed an interest in the Navajo land. Peabody Coal plans to expand its strip mining into this area, where billions of tons of low-sulfur coal are located

What we have here is a blatant promotion of eminent domain targeting a paricular group of people who will wind up in a state of destitution because of such theft of land and autonomy. Dare I say... ethnic cleansing? I don't care if ethnic cleansing is a chief motivating factor or not, such will be a consequence of further crimes committed against the Najavos and Hopis. And for what? The enrichment of Peabody Coal seems to be a motivating factor, making this yet another example of corporate welfare allowing the political class to pillage and rape the masses.

This reminds me of a poem of sorts that I once read for a Native American Literature course - Carter Rivard's "A Brief Guide to American History Teachers". Another recommended read I'd like to point out before moving on with this scumbags post is an essay by Peter Spotswood Dillard titled "The Unconquered Remnant: The Hopis and Voluntaryism". Those sure are some great people that McCain is sicking Leviathan upon.

*Gang of Scumbags: The USDA
James Leroy Wilson has written a quality column called "Totalitarianism Through the Back Door" that shines light on the fact that humans aren't the only critters being targeted by Leviathan's plan to utilize a "mark of the beast", so to speak. The USDA has come up with what it calls the National Animal Identification System, a clear example of government scumbaggery. Here's an excerpt from the James Leroy Wilson column that provides a glimpse of what NAIS is all about:
What is the rationale for NAIS? Supposedly, it is to trace back diseased animals to their source, within 48 hours of discovery of the disease. This sounds like it will protect the public, but the real reason is expressed quite well at "NAIS was developed to give the large meat exporters more markets to countries like Japan who are demanding trace-back on meat they import, specifically cattle."

NAIS is a classic case of corporate welfare. After all, if foreign (or domestic) markets want reliable trace-back, agri-business can supply that on their own, and do not require the government's help. Nor would it have to apply to those who sell only in local, or raise animals only for personal pleasure or consumption. What doesn't make sense, as points out, is that NAIS would apply to "all livestock at all farms, homesteads and even for livestock kept as pets. [italics added]"

Here's the worst of it: the big producers get to tag their livestock by the lot, while farmers who keep smaller numbers of animals will have to track and report the movements of each individual animal. This is costly in time and many, and will drive many smaller farmers out of business.

One may wonder what the purpose is. The answer is that this is what government does. Government is essentially a predator of the small businessman, including the small farmer. Profit margins are usually quite small for them, and every additional tax, form, and regulation they must comply with eats more and more into those margins. Corporations, on the other hand, already have lawyers, accountants, and human resource staff to handle compliance issues. Compliance costs are proportionally much smaller for them.

To learn more about NAIS, check out one or more of the following sites focusing on the issue:, Don't Tag, and Stop Animal

What really burns my nuts about this is rhe fact that I've been recently reading about people who are raising chickens in urban environments with quite a bit of interest. Once I own some property and get going with my gardening plans, I've decided that having a hen or two would be great for things like providing pest control, fresh fertilizer and eggs - all organic. They're also supposed to be very friendly and affectionate, as opposed to roosters. I'll really have to scope out the immediate surroundings, including prospective neighbors, to make sure that everything is "cool", if you catch my drift. Why? Because no critter of mine will be tagged, catalogued, and monitored by the biggest pest of them all (Leviathan), along with it's scumbag minions.


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There's actually a bunch of homeless people that raise chickens under the FDR Drive (what irony) in Manhattan.

When I saw that it was both inspiring and heartbreaking.

Good luck to them!

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