Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Copyright Craziness

Click here to read an article from Wired News about HR2391, a bill that would have a radical effect on copyright enforcement. To take a quote from the article itself:
The Senate might vote on HR2391 (.pdf), the Intellectual Property Protection Act, a comprehensive bill that opponents charge could make many users of peer-to-peer networks, digital-music players and other products criminally liable for copyright infringement. The bill would also undo centuries of "fair use" -- the principle that gives Americans the right to use small samples of the works of others without having to ask permission or pay.

And that's only a portion of what the bill would do if passed.

Stacie Rumenap, the American Conservative Union's deputy director, correctly asserts that this bill would effectively "make the Department of Justice Hollywood's law firm". What is up with all of the craziness these days concerning copyrights and other issues concerning intellectual property? What's next: are people going to be fined or hauled to jail for saying things like "it's the real thing"? I suppose I shouldn't give Coca-Cola any ideas.

For opinions on matters like these that depart from the crazy and servile mainstream dogma, I suggest checking out some of the essays on intellectual property compiled by the Molinari Institute (to be found here).


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