Wednesday, November 17, 2004

PETA Promoting Phish Preservation by Panning Peoples' Phood Prerogatives

I love critters. Despite my love of critters, I also enjoy consuming certain critters, especially chickens and fish.

I loate cruelty toward critters. Despite my loathing of critter cruelty, I also loathe irrational and over-the-line activism, especially the brand of activism that often emanates from PETA.

The folks at PETA have decided to launch a campaign that demonizes the consumption of fish, as you can see for yourself by reading the story provided by CNN. The PETA people claim, among other things, that people will choose not to eat fish any longer if they become aware of how intelligent fish are (um... no they won't), and that we certainly wouldn't put a hook through the mouths of other animals (I don't believe I've ever eaten a fish that was caught that way, and I eat a lot of fish).

Despite the growing concern over mercury found in certain types of fish, there is a wealth of nutrition to be found in fish, including protein and essential fatty acids that are often lacking in the modern American diet. While I have much respect for vegans and vegetarians, I don't think I could ever make the switch, especially considering how wonderful salmon tastes. I have mostly eliminated red meat from my diet though, except for an occasional (and almost prohibitively expensive) batch of free-range hamburgers. I also try to avoid purchasing farmed fish, due to the numerous problems associated with the practice (unhealthy fish, cruel retainment of fish, pollution).

These PETA people just seem to go way too far sometimes, which can actually have a negative impact on their passionate positions.


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