Friday, November 19, 2004

Down with the FCC!

I'm no fan of Howard Stern, but I do appreciate some of the comments he made yesterday while holding a rally in Times Square. He held a rally there and was giving away Sirius boom boxes to promote his move to Sirius satellite radio (you can read about it here). Here are some choice comments made by Stern at the rally:

"This will be dominant form of media because there is no government regulation."
"It's the death of the FCC. They have ruined commercial broadcasting -- down with the FCC! Down with the FCC!"

Here here! Down with the FCC!
Aside from the fact that commercial radio is atrocious, I'm sick of all the moralizing that the FCC is forcing on us with their responses to things like the Janet Jackson fiasco and the recent Monday Night Football skit controversy.


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