Saturday, December 04, 2004

Love and Libertarians

Sunni Maravillosa mentioned on her blog yesterday that Cat Farmer has a new column posted over at The Price of Liberty. The column, Love and Libertarians, is an enjoyable read that I encourage y'all to check out. Here is a brief excerpt:
Jesus modeled a libertarian, laissez faire style of brotherly love, a difficult kind of loving relationship for fallible humans to maintain toward each other. Idealized and politicized love takes dueling approaches that appear incompatible, but they're closely related - both mimic human nature. One assumes a fatherly role, and one assumes a motherly role, but they're both caricature actors in roles exaggerated for theatrical effect, to suggest through the peculiarities of the role a parental presence meant to encourage child-like tendencies in a population of individuals. Leave no adult behind?


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