Saturday, December 04, 2004

Quote & Music of the day -- 12/4/04

"Intervention is a system of procedures which disturb and eventually destroy the market economy. It does not make people richer; it makes them poorer." -- Ludwig von Mises

Tito Puente's Golden Men of Latin Jazz -- Estival Jazz Lugano, Switzerland 7/3/93

Tito Puente is a legend in the world of Latin jazz, and here is a link to a bit torrent offering a fine performance of his over in Switzerland back in 1993. The bit torrent is being hosted on, a site that requires registration (free) to view and download the torrents offered there.

For info. on bit torrent, click here. The bit torrent software I happen to use is ABC, which happens to be easy to use and allows for multiple downloads in a single window. You can download ABC by clicking here.



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