Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Quote & Music of the day -- 12/7/04

*I have declared this week to be Murray Rothbard week for the Quote & Music segment, so sit back and enjoy some of his random brilliant remarks.

"The ideology common to the ruling elites of both parties is Welfarist, Corporatist Statism; whether it's called corporate "liberalism" or "conservatism" is largely a question of nuance and esthetics. Essentially, the corporate and media elites have long been engaging in a shell game in which the American public are the suckers. When the public is fed up with one party, the elites offer up an alleged alternative that only turns out to more of the same." -- Murray Rothbard

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey & The Slip -- Harpers Ferry - Boston, MA 4/29/03

Yet another bit torrent post, this one providing a rare joint performance by two of my favorite bands out there right now. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is definitely my favorite group of any genre right now. Their lively and progressive approach to jazz has absolutely blazed a new pathway in my brain, obliterating my previous conceptions of what jazz or improvised music in general is all about. The brilliance is evident right from the beginning with a breathtaking rendition of their composition "Slow Breath, Silent Mind", and continues throughout the rest of the show. Having members of The Slip join in for a huge chunk of the festivites allows for some additional spice along with some extended improvisations that challenge yet ultimately reward the mind.

Assuming that the recording offered on this torrent is the same one that I've had in my possession for the past year or so, then it must be noted that the sound quality is superb.

Since this torrent is being hosted on Easytree, you must register for free with them first before you can view and download the torrents hosted there. If you're too intimidated by this new fangled technology, you can also download a copy of this show by other means via archive.org by clicking here.


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